Adding Dates, Times or Fields

To Enter Dates/Fields/Times for a Game Into Demosphere

1) Go to

2) Click on Club Directory

3) Click on the link for your club’s name

4) Click on Club Log In (upper right corner)

5) Enter email address plus pin # (if you have not logged in before, click on the link to have your pin # sent to your email- below login) NOTE- your LOGIN must have been set up with admin access or you will not be able to make changes (i.e. the ADMIN box must be checked by your CLUB ADMINISTRATOR in order for you to have admin rights for a team)

6) Click on Team Administration

7) Click on the BLUE link to the right for the team that you want to enter field info (i.e. U9BT2, U10GT1, etc.)

8) Scroll down until you see the schedule

10) Click Edit Games ----Please note--- you will only be able to update your club’s HOME games.  If you are switching HOME and AWAY teams, the HOME team must do this change.

11) Click on any of the GREEN LINKS to change the DATE, TIME or LOCATION of the game.  Be certain to put in a relevant comment in the comments section.

Examples include---

Initial schedule of game

Game rescheduled due to weather

Game rescheduled due to accommodate match officials

Game rescheduled due to loss of fields

12) Click Save Changes when complete